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in the 2016 republican primary could be between marco rubio and jeb bush. jeb bush is marco rubio's mentor. a lot of people -- i've been in that camp that rubio wouldn't run if jeb ran and that jeb really wants to run. marco rubio is staffing up with people who he used to have mostly jeb people on his staff and cultivating rubio people. and his vote on the fiscal cliff, against -- his vote against that fiscal cliff deal shows that he is aligning himself with the tea party. and the two of them clashing, it could be a very interesting conversation between the two. >> i have nothing -- going to your point, there are two numbers that everyone can understand. the house and the senate are in session together. exactly five days in january. and 11 in february. which gives you a good read on why it's going to take so long. andrea: and when we come back, does hillary clinton still in a st andrea: welcome back. hillary clinton is out of the hospital. we're all glad for that. she has been cleared by her doctors to go back to work. she's already on the phone calling staff. big question of the week, if
of the union. he may have back taxes for those who obtain legal status. most republican senator marco rubio in florida whose parents are cuban immigrants. an omnibus bill can be easily blocked. he wants to make it easier for those with skills and tech savvy immigrants. he sets back the cause issuing work permits and haurlting deportation of illegal immigrants just prior to the election. in the wall street journal he explains why republicans must embrace immigration reform. 70 percent of the 12 and a half latino voters cast votes for the president in the last election. quote, i think it's a rhetoric by a handful of voices in minority but loud nonetheless that allowed conservatives are anti hispanic and anti immigration. i don't think there's a lot of concern in this country that will somehow get over run by ph.d.'s and entrepreneurs. marco rubio sees this as a gateway issue for hispanic voters that could lead to migration for the republican parties if successful. if they want to over hall they need to convince big labor to go on board. >>> thanks so much. >> now it is my turn. >> thank you,
-- son of jeb. >> it should be marco rubio. chris: so marco rubio the face of the republican party? >> they would be wise to make him the face of the republican party. but lately the republican that i think has been the most -- the face of the opposition has become lindsey graham who has been in sort of ubiquitous presence on -- on every issue. >> one person who has been aggressive is bobby jindal in louisiana and came out strongly right after the 2012 election. essentially saying the party needed to rebrand itself. clearly looking to get on the forefront of that. >> the honest answer is that there is -- chris: we're looking for honest answers here all the time. >> it should be a blank. a blank page. because that is a key problem of the republican party. if you make me put a face on it, i'll go with howard. it's john boehner. and that face stands for a leader who can't lead. because he doesn't have people who will follow. chris: ok. my answer is chris christie. "time" magazine is right because they need a wendell wilke to lead this party, and in terms of attitude as they say around
hasn't even been inaugurated. also in that article, senator marco rubio preparing his own version of the d.r.e.a.m. act. he discussed how republicans could face some pushback from latinos because of their stance on immigration reform. he said this, quote. we are going to have a struggle speaking to a whole segment of the population about our principles of limited government and free enterprise if they think we don't want them here, alluding to those who might benefit from the d.r.e.a.m. act. so republicans have their own pr campaign to conduct with latinos on immigration reform, but how is the president going to combat republicans who want to see a more piece meal approach as we move forward here? >> reporter: i think we've seen the way the president has handled other recent challenges from his republican opposition when you consider just the fiscal cliff hanger as it were with campaign stops in various parts of the country. consider a statistic that i think a lot of americans are going to refocus on is the immigration conversation returns to the fore. it's the fact that the presi
una sola ley oponiÉndose a la propuesta como la de marco rubio que piden dividir la legislaciÓn en partes pequeÑas que a bora den por separados los temas >>> lo que es el incentivo mÁs grande para republicanos capturar ha posibilidad de hablar con el votante latino y se dan cuenta ahora en noviembre que sin mejor su camino en el tema migratorio esto serÁ muy difÍcil si no imposible. >>> un grupo de senadores de ambos partido trabajan en un proyecto de ley integral que podÍa presentarse en marzo, el mandatario anuncia puntos importantes en su discurso sobre el estado de la uniÓn este 12 de febrero hay que estar atentos. >>> y seguramente de este tema tendremos que hablar mucho cuando loco noz kams mÁs. >>> para mantenerse al tanto del techl visite univision y busque reforma migratorio. en otro tema, la asociaciÓn nacional del rifle asegura que el congreso no respalda la que harÁ todo lo posible para evitarlo el presidente de la asociaciÓn dijo que en una entrevista en un canal de televisiÓn que tienen el apoyo suficiente para impedir que prospere l iniciativa
that can deliver a clear conservative message, they wind. marco rubio wins. but jeff -- jeff blake won in arizona. everyone, regardless of race or religion has the opportunity to succeed, and america offers better opportunities -- offers that opportunity. i do not think republicans have been inspiring in their message. there are younger senators, governors, house members than very good and a relative basis and to live in that message. -- in delivering that message. tim scott is one of the most aspiring politicians i have encountered in many years marco rubio has the ability to communicate a message better than anyone that has come along in recent years. they are good examples, but republicans need to have confidence that free market opportunity is there for everyone, and if they would embrace that confidently and deliver that effectively, they would appeal to a broad base. host: you mentioned they won with support from club for growth. guest: we are proud of our relationship with people like marco rubio, who people said could not win. ted cruz we endorsed early on in republican primary
you. >> arthel: florida senator marco rubio lashing out at president obama. he says the president has made it nearly impossible for any fresh debate to take place. is he right? with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. >>. >> arthel: north dakota senator marco rubio is laying out his own plan nor immigration recommend. he criticizes the president for executive orders on the issue. he said it would are difficult to keep the conversation going because conservatives have been painted as anti-hispanic and anti-immigration. joining us is chief of talk radio news service and radio talk show host and fox news contributor. >> happy new year. >> santita you will go first. the senator's assessment is spot on or is there room for negotiations to move immigration policy forward? >> i think there is room for negotiation but we have to throw the partisanship out of the window. this is an american dilemma. the fact is half of all illegal immigrants come here ellie and
, ferocious, northern democrat coming youngest man in the senate 35 years old, marco rubio at the state perhaps did what clay had not done. he did the numbers. in other words, stephena douglas determined there were enough nation to vote in the senate to pass the different parts of clay's compromise, but not all at once. so he passed six separate bills using different combinations. but the lesson is really persuasion is necessary and it's imperative to save the downfall. if you don't get the numbers, you won't succeed. these two men together symbiotically succeeded. >> author of americans -- "america's great debate." thank you. >> could read the president's mistake anyone else. he came this close to anyone asking in a two-out robert sherwood called roosevelt heavily forested cheerier. unlike mrs. roosevelt, he knew when to be still in the presence of the press and, when to press him or when to back off until a joke. ..
of that lately. in the senate look for florida senator marco rubio to be a key player there are indications he might be willing to talk to moderate democrats as they begin to craft legislation. on the house side it's like -- planning town hall style meetings in florida. if there is a bill it will probably come out from the speaker himself. john boehner understands very well the impact of latinos on the 2012 election. >> they have to get out in front of this. i respect the republicans to be benign on this. the whole culture is changing because of the politics on, this cammeron. it's not going to be my way or the highway anymore. it's going to be kind of extending a hand and they will kind of come to some agreement because border crossings are down. >> absolutely. but, mitch mcconnell, the head of the republican minority in the senate said what comes first is the debt and deficit. everything else is going to have to wait. there is going to be in the way. >> i don't know. i think they can walk and chew gum at the same time. maybe they can't. >> we will will see. >> maybe they can't. rosen, finall
capacity magazines. >>> another major issue facing the new congress, marco rubio lays out a plan for revamping the immigration system. the first term republican tells "wall street journal" his plan is designed to meet the country's economic needs by expanding the pool of skilled and agricultural workers. citizenship for undocumented immigrants that live here now. but rubio says it is not blanket amnesty. to earn legal status immigrants without proper papers would have to undergo a background check and also pay a fine and pay back taxes and prove they lived in the u.s. for an extended period and understand some english. president obama has promised to dive into an immigration overhaul, as well, this year. >>> well, we've said it before, congress is unpopular, but worse than cockroaches? apparently. new numbers from public policy polling pitted congress against the worst of the worst. they found congress was less popular than brusal sprouts and used car salesman. but even worse, people have a higher opinion of cockroaches, replacement referees and root canals. so, what did congress
vowed to take on immigration reform. but florida senator marco rubio whose parents were from cuba, accuses the president of poisoning the well, even last minute laws through an executive order issuing work permits and halting deportation just prior to the election. in a wide ranging interview in the wall street journal, rubio explains why the president must embrace immigration reform and outlines what he hopes to be his signature plan. quote, i don't think there's a lot of concern in this country that we'll now get overrun by ph.d.'s and entrepreneurs. i think it's the rhetoric by a handful of voices in the minority, but loud none the less that have allowed the left to create an unfair perception to conservatives and republicans are anti-hispanic, and anti-immigration, and we do have to overcome that. there are nearly 12 million illegal workers right now in the country, but only 6.5% of those who came here, came here based on unique education or skills. the u.s. could not harvest its fruit crops without the large number of migrant workers who are mostly hispanic and senator rubio
democrats and republicans seriously. the notion of him running for president i think is a joke. marco rubio is in the senate because governor crist hugged president obama. governor christie praised him and bad mouthed speaker boehner and the house republicans. i don't see those as positions that will work nationally in a republican primary. >> do you think that hug is similar to what we are seeing with christie in the future because he works so closely that that will hurt him somehow perhaps from conservative republicans that have come out and said they are not the happiest with governor christie. >> the republican party is a center right party and governor christie is a pretty much centrist. that works well in new jersey. running for the presidency or the nomination in the republican party i think is left and center views will probably not bode well for him. >> even with being on the cover of "time" magazine. >> that might be the kiss of death. >> that might be the kiss of death right there. >> maybe you and richard agree with that one there. thank you both. >> always good to be with you.
old. the marco rubio of his day, perhaps. did what clay had not done. he did the numbers. in other words what steven a.
, very horse, ferocious northern democrat, youngest man in the senate -- 35 years old, the marco rubio of his day, perhaps -- did what clay had not done. he did the numbers. in other words, what stephen a. douglas determined was that there were enough combinations of votes in the senate to pass the different parts of clay's compromise, but not all at once. so he passed six separate bills using different combinations. so the lesson is really persuasion is necessary, and it's imperative to sway the doubtful. but if you don't do the numbers, you won't succeed. persuade y
on who runs. >> we'll find marco rubio there. thank you, that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." jackie will sweet hers. coming up, chris jansing, bye-bye. op ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing.
in one comprehensive bill as you and martha suggest. the republican plan put forward by marco rubio or will be put forward by marco rubio would take a slower approach. emphasize high-skilled legal immigration and make immigrants, illegal immigrants earn citizenship in a way the president's wouldn't. bill: can this pass based on the current composition of the house or the senate? will it? >> no. the president's plan won't pass the house of representatives the way it is presented. it will be a back and forth. a lot of pushing and pulling with house republicans in particular looking for more enforcement mechanisms, looking for more emphasis on high-skilled immigration, things of that nature. i think you will still have a number of restrictionists in the house republican conference who don't want to pass citizenship at all. bill: if it does, and this becomes law, how do republicans, the minority party, get its fingerprints on the law and claim credit for part of it? >> well this is what is interesting. we've seen the president i think rather skillfully seek to divide republicans on a va
voted it had interestiinteresti ng votes. paul wright in the house voted for it. marco rubio on the senate votes no on it. what he think the implications are about? >> guest: to see there are 2016 implications is a little far-fetched but if you love politics you have to look at it. when i was inside of the house chamber watching the fiscal vote, he really is a power player within the party. one of the most important things he is done since the campaign is aligned himself for speaker john boehner and a lot of people did not expect this. one of the the reasons his dumbest and i've spoken people who are close to right write is he wants to make 2013 if budget year. in order to do that he needs boehner support so i don't think ryan will actively break with boehner. >> guest: we have not heard him paul ryan after the president's contest was over. he has been quiet. why? >> guest: it's another great question. he hasn't given many interviews and this is a guy who is friendly with many reporters. i don't think he wanted his fingerprints on the fiscal cliff mass. he knew there was neve
in some fashion immigration. i know marco rubio talking about laying out a step-by-step -- >> for sure on immigration. marco rube yore. there are republicans who say, look at what happened in election 2012. the president got 70% of the -- 71% of the latino vote, the handwriting is more than on the wall. a significant number of republicans want to move, but, george, there are also a lot of republicans who are not ready to move. they can't abide the idea of a pathway to citizenship for those illegal immigrants to get in the country. >> can i note, by the way, the republican base, what you say fairly about the republican base in 2007, 2008, '12 was true. but that not base, not only the party establishment but the base just experienced a big loss. there's a lot of thinking on the republican side about the meaning of this and how to go forward. >> i know you wanted to run on these big financial issues. how is pirate strategy consistent with a get real strategy? >> the biggest deficit the country has is a leadership deficit and the truth is the wings of both parties don't represent america.
conservatives, where is paul ryan? you said it earlier, where is marco rubio, where are the articulate champions of smaller government and economic prosperity? they need to get out in front. >> i'll tell you what else, kate, they need a growth message. economic growth because i'm sorry, blake, but we're still plugging along at 2%. and it's not good. and the president can't keep blaming george w. bush. blake zeff, kate obenshain, robert costa. we'll be here tomorrow night. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
issues, gun control, budget cuts and ill grayinmmigr reforms. and he's like i to get with marco rubio creating a path to citizenship for the current 12 million illegal immigrants, harris. >> harris: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. now to the ongoing fight of the flu, the centers for disease control and prevention calling it an epidemic, people taking precautions and the lines long for the clinic in massachusetts and waiting to get their flu vaccines in the boston area, and declared a public health emergency as you may know last week and in nebraska a similar scene with hundreds of people lining up to get their shots. health officials saying it does make a difference. >> and every day you had a flu shot, you're better protected than the day before and you never know when you're going to, you know, cross that nasty virus and it could be a problem for you. >> harris: there are a lot of other ways to be careful, so say the experts. one man in north carolina taking no chances even when it comes to putting gas in his car. >> i never thought about the gas pumps, but everybody is touch
know. potentially mm, depends on who runs. >> we'll find marco rubio there. thank you, that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." jackie will sweet hers. coming up, chris jansing, bye-bye. op ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
successful for them. the chamber helped elect candidates like marco rubio and kelly in the senate. although big money efforts to unseat some senators, like barbara boxer and michael bennett did fall short. both sides sought to repair relations. tom donahue said he was willing to work, and the president extended an olive branch when he went to the chamber in february of 2011. >> maybe if we had had brought over a fruit cake when i first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start. but i'm going to make up for it. for all the disagreements, tom, we may have sometimes on issues, i know you love this country. i know you want america to succeed just as badly as i do. >> once again, however, it seemed to be one step forward and one step back. the two sides battled over taxes, spending and the budget throughout 2011 and 2012. the chamber accused the president of trying to kill jobs and strung jipt letters to make the point. when the white house invited donahue to weigh in on the fiscal cliff, he met with officials and not the president himself. thursday, mr. donahue delivered his annual s
does not change along with that demographic, they're going to be in trouble. >> steve, senator marco rubio has fired back immediately, and he points out that the gop has put to hispanics in the senate plus an african-american. that's got to be the poorest defense of tokenism i have ever heard, isn't it? >> what general powell said is right. the problem is this, the rest of the country is moving in a certain direction demographically in a way that makes it more possible than ever for a democrat to win a presidential race, makes it more possible than ever for democrats to start winning all of these statewide races and senate races. those same demographic changes, however, are not happening in the majority of house districts across the country. the coalition that elected president obama this year more than ever this democratic coalition is bunched into the metropolitan areas. the statistics that jumps out at me is this. in 1988 when michael dukakis got flattened in the presidential race he won over 800 counties nationally. this year getting re-elected by 5 million votes, barack obama wo
view from marco rubio. let me read part of that article for you. mr. rubio says, he would want to see a comprehensive package of bills, maybe four or five, as opposed to one omnibus, move through congress con currently. he says other experience with comprehensive reform, obama care, the recent debt deal, shows how bad policy easily sneaks into big bills. it would also offer a tempting big target for opponents. does he have a point? >> look, i'm not a member of congress. i can't tell you that -- that four different pieces of legislation is the wrong way to go. i have tell you this, that they have to include the pillars that i mentioned. we've got to -- we can't divide families any longer. you know, the 11 million undocumented have 5 million innocent children and 2 million children who are dreamers. we can't have a piecemeal approach whether it's five bill or big bills that says we're just going to do one or two of them and not do the rest. so what i can tell you is this. we need comprehensive reform. we can't -- we've got to have a pathway for citizenship. yes, you have to get at the e
, such as senator marco rubio, presenting similar measures to create a path to citizenship for the current 12 million illegal americans. >> thank you very much. senator lindsay graham isn en route to our studio. i will ask him about gun control and the debate and the cabinet recommendations. send us your questions for senator graham. we will ask him some of your questions. that live interview is in our next hour. in congressional democrats believe it does matter when it comes to the 14th amendment and the debt. listen to this. >> i can say that this administration does not believe that the 14th amendment gives the president the power to ignore the debt ceiling. >> shannon: all right sm. democrats are pointing to a section that reads that the validity of the public debt of the united states should not be questioned. they say, based on that, they would support president obama, in raising the debt ceiling without congressional approval. joining me now to talk about that and many other thicks, former mississippi governor, republican, haley barbour. thank you for coming in. >> i hope the president
and we need to. and also, marco rubio, because those are the two who will get media attention. >> maybe i'm naive, but i'm expecting a modest media turn at some point in the near future. hey, i'm naive. >> the sooner the better. >> please, please, fred, always a pleasure. thank you very much indeed. >> thanks for having me. >> i've got two new developments on the gun control debate. first off, former congresswoman and gun violence victim gabby giffords she launches a national group for gun control. and following the visit to newtown, connecticut, one said quote, gabby giffords, stay out of my town. and new at 10 we talk to someone and ask him how a ban on gun could curb violence. we'll ask him. and you shop in the store and find the best price on-line, target doesn't want you to do that. it says until watch the best price on-line not just the holidays. >> this is interesting, the stock is down nearly 1%, the retail index is also lower. this is such an interesting concept. something they put in place over the holiday season and now, they're instituting it the full year and they will meet a
with what it needs to do moving forward and we have some really smart people, jeb bush, marco rubio, chris christie, we've got a pretty strong bench, not kind of classic southern republican white guys. >> let me ask you this. the democrats won pretty much all over the map and in some places there were supposed to be gop pickups like the montana senate seat. is it time for republicans to become more diverse with hispanics, gay, people, women or the is the gop on the course to becoming oh livon? >> if they don't, they're on the course of becoming not just the minority party but a minor party which would not be a good thing. you're exactly right. those are exactly the attributes i think people who are behavioral republicans are looking for the traditional republican or the current republican party to begin adopting policies and statements and making reaching out to all these other groups that say okay, i'm more comfortable with that republican party than the republican party i saw during the 2012 elections. >> well, i want to bring this up. when the party was led by a black man, former lieute
and the governor of new mexico, governor martinez, and senator marco rubio. we've got tremendous representation and to say that some of these words that were taken out of context are somehow what the republican credo is, what our platform is, we reject that. we reject the birthers, we reject anybody within our party who makes disparaging comments against anyone. >> megyn: what about that, he says why aren't republican leaders speaking out, like, there's so many comments you could point to on the democratic side and people are out of line and democratic leaders don't speak out. >> there's examples on both sides. the whole point is not to reject, but to embrace and listen. i think what has to happen is a cultural shift within both parties, absolutely, but certainly within the republican party when you look at the numbers in terms of embracing more minorities at grass roots level not just the leadership level. >> megyn: let me jump in and ask you about that. there's a theory among some, it doesn't matter how embracing the republicans are of the african-american voters their policies are most likel
people. marco rubio, senator from florida, obviously a presidential hopeful, has been involved in the issue. a lot behalf he has to say is about the tone that republicans take. i don't think he's going to be involved in the nuts and bolts, because it's partly because of his presidential ambitions. but he's tried to come up with a middle-ground way, maybe not amnesty, but some sort of legalization, not citizenship. it's not clear how it would work. he speaks very eloquently about this. we'll have to see how that plays out. then there are new people. there's the senator from texas, newly elect senator. he's very conservative. and in order to actually move something through the congress, you're going to need people like him signing off on it. so i'll be interested to hear what he has to say. we already have senator mike lee from utah. he's a tea party favorite, although he's very smart and he's hugely constitutional -- that's his whole shtick, adhering strictly to the constitution. he's on what they call a gang of eight in the senate. the gang of eight will be trying to figure out
. >> marco rubio type of plan had a plan very similar to what the president eventually put up. >> i right. i would go even further than that. i would have a 10 year plan, where if you've been in the you can pass an english proficiency test, you can apply for citizenship. >> without having to leave the country. >> right. in other words, the republicans, in effect reverse their position. that's the surprise. they do it because, a, it's probably the right thing to do. you know, this is a reality you have to deal with. secondly, politically, it could be very advantageous. it could shift the political balance. >> i don't want to go out of order here. i'm going to number 4. i think we have it right in the control room. i may be wrong. financial stocks have a rough time reversing the gains of 2012. we just had a bank analyst on before who said he was very bullish. >> that's why it's a surprise. financial stocks were the best performing group a rebound from the rough times they had earlier. what i'm saying it's reversed. too much capacity in financial services. too many banks and brokerage firms. th
encornerred in year, and marco rubio transfers the message better than anyone in years. they need the hope and opportunity through free market opportunities is there for everyone regardless of race or religion in america. if they would embrace that confidently and deliver it effectively, i think they will be appealing 20 a very broad case. >> host: the senators you mentioned, one with support for club from growth. >> guest: we do. you know, we are proud of the -- they said they couldn't win, only people like specter and chris could win in these states. ted cruz was endorsed early on when he was running in an unwinnable race against david, the lieutenant governor of texas, the republican primary, and now they are offered as the hope of the republican party and the future of our country, and so we are very grateful, support them early, and have the ability to help them get there. >> host: a press release called club for growth yesterday in case you missed it, a quote from one on msnbc saying, "tom colt ton and other freshmen in the house that you supported was down 47 points in the first spe
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